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Conditioning For Dancers

The Conditioning for Dancers program is a specialized training regimen designed to enhance the physical fitness and performance of dancers. It incorporates a range of functional exercises that are tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of dance. The ultimate goal of this program is to optimize the overall physical condition of dancers, thereby helping them to achieve their maximum potential. Σεμινάρια


Bodytone hosts seminars that are specifically centered around the topics of Body and Movement.


The seminars are categorized into three distinct thematic cycles that focus on enhancing the awareness, philosophy, and depth of movement, reinforcing and introducing techniques, as well as providing therapeutic exercise for individuals.

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Pilates for Teachers: Educational Programme

Bodytone offers a complete training program of 550+ hours in the Pilates method enriched with the most modern views in the field of anatomy and exercise sciences. Video Classes on Demand

Bodytone Video Classes On Demand

In addition to face-to-face education classes, bodytone also offers Orthosomics, Pilates Mat classes in three levels designed to be practised at home

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