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600-Hour Pilates Instructor Educational Programme


Pilates Instructor Training

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The Bodytone Pilates Instructor Training Programme draws upon over three decades of expertise in teaching various forms of movement, encompassing ballet, modern dance, Pilates, and therapeutic movement

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  • Developed in collaboration with orthopedic experts and physical therapy professionals.


  • Constantly enriched, taking into account the latest rapid developments in the field of anatomy and movement (Fascia, Tensegrity).


  • Since 2007, our certified instructors have been working or directing distinguished Pilates studios with great success.


  • Beyond the full detailed exercise list of the method, which is recorded in the manual with photos, description and instructions for each exercise, the program includes a series of seminars: historical elements of the method, posture, warm-up-rehabilitation, special categories of practitioners (pregnant women, dancers-athletes, seniors), tactile and verbal guidance.

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  • Theory (mat and all instruments) in three levels: basic, intermediate, advanced.

    • Historical information - Introduction to the method 

    • Principles of biomechanics of movement - Conscious movement - Neuro-muscular coordination

    • Analysis of posture, axes, body types

    • Class planning, Teaching methodology
      *Pre-Pilates Elements of Posture.

    • *Use of small equipment (straps, roller, circle) Bosu, Foot Corrector, Rotators.

  • Personal Practice 2 hours per week 

  • Observation of classes by experienced instructor

  • Co-teaching - Teaching - Assignments

The extended course comprises seminars:

Biomechanics of Movement

Speaker: Dr. Dimitris Glotsos

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, PADA.


The Role of Pilates as Therapeutic Exercise

Speaker: Vassiliki Bourboula 

Bsc Phys, Msc Acup, MSCP, MAACP, MBMAS

Physical Therapy / Acupuncture

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Comprehensive manuals are provided, which include exercise logs, photographs, and in-depth instructions for each exercise.

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Eleftheria Rizou, Ioanna Kouna


Design of the sports lesson:

Mary Taliampe


Pilates flow choreographed class with music:

Ioanna Kouna


The educational program of Bodytone is based on our belief that the method, beyond a dry exercise regimen, offers a philosophy of life and movement that aims at a meaningful life.

Eleftheria Rizou


Eleftheria Rizou is the founder and director of Studio Bodytone

ΜΑ Choreography SPBIC, Russia

Certified Pilates Instructor

Fasciatherapist MDB

Fascial Fitness Trainer

Pelvic Floor Fascial Fitness Specialist

April 29, at 18:00:


at Studio Bodytone, Platonos 7, Elliniko.

Contact: 2109632556, 6972284828 and

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