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In addition to the in-person educational courses, Bodytone also provides online classes in Orthosomics and Pilates Mat, which are available at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Barre à Terre and Fascial Fitness are also available for home training with comprehensive instructions on correct form and breathing techniques, variations and modifications for different exercise categories, and specific references in various exercise categories to cater to different needs.




The purpose of these courses is to adequately prepare the body for movement, be it daily or technical, while also providing an understanding of the body and instilling confidence. By developing knowledge, control, and neuromuscular balance, these courses serve as a means of preventing injuries and addressing any pre-existing musculoskeletal issues or tensions. 





  • Individuals seeking mindful and intentional physical activity, focusing on proper technique, functional movement, and various breathing practices.

  • For people who desire to maintain their body's readiness and balance, in addition to engaging in their sport or other types of exercise.

  • For individuals who have suffered from injuries or illnesses or are experiencing fatigue.

  • For beginners who seek an effective starting point for their exercise journey.






  • Introductory (A): Alignment and Axes

  • Introductory (B): Breaths

  • Basic positions

  • Pelvic Area, Perineo

  • Shoulders - Chest




  • Beginner


The objective of these courses is to provide a solid foundation in the method's basic level. The course entails a full-body workout that prioritizes correct alignment, coordination, synchronization of breathing with movement, and control of muscle groups and areas. The program moves at a relatively unhurried pace, providing execution instructions and variations that allow participants to modify the intensity of their movements. This program has moderate intensity and is balanced in its demands for strength and elasticity. It is tailored for individuals who are new to conscious movement, in good physical health, and with minor musculoskeletal abnormalities.



  • Intermediate


The training of the body in these courses is carried out with exercises that practice coordination, control and endurance at a more demanding level. The program is of moderate intensity, with a faster pace and transitions from one exercise to another. Previous experience is required for the execution to be correct and the lesson safe.



  • Advanced


These courses are designed to provide a higher level of training for the body through exercises that focus on improving coordination, control, and endurance. The program is moderately intense and involves a faster pace with transitions between exercises. Previous experience is necessary to ensure correct execution and safe participation in the lessons.




This course is founded on a modern and pioneering technique that seeks to reshape the myoperitoneal network. This scientific approach is inspired by the research of leading physicians from various fields who have explored the role of fascia in athletic performance, body contouring, and overall wellness. The structure of the course is founded on the fundamental principles of the method such as elastic bounce and dynamic stretching, and is further enriched with breathing exercises, movement visualization techniques, and experiential anatomy.

To achieve optimal results, the lessons should be scheduled with a three-day interval between them, to ensure that the Fascia is properly regenerated and the body is able to smoothly assimilate the new information and positions. This program is intended for individuals who are passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of the body and movement, and who wish to explore new and innovative ways to improve their overall physical health and performance.





The Barre à Terre method adapts ballet exercises to the floor in a more accessible form, incorporating flexibility, rhythm, and dance elements for ease of movement. Our approach follows the Alain Astie system and is instructed by experienced dancers.

These classes are conducted online through Zoom, allowing for remote participation.

Additionally, we offer Pilates classes, available for individuals or groups. Our lessons provide personalized instruction, corrections, and variations tailored to each participant's needs.

For new trainees, we conduct an introductory discussion, take a detailed medical history, and conduct a 30-minute physical evaluation prior to starting classes to ensure safe and effective participation.

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