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The story of bodytone



Since 2007, Bodytone has been operating as a Pilates Studio and a studio for body awareness. From its inception, Bodytone has employed trainers who are certified in the application of the Pilates method, having undergone at least 550 hours of training and being highly experienced in teaching movement, particularly dance.

Our approach is founded on our respect for our own bodies and those of others. Our objective is to assist trainees in enhancing their relationship with their bodies, thereby improving their overall quality of life. This means that we aim to enhance the physical and mental health of our trainees.

Throughout the years, we have served diverse clientele with varying needs, including professional dancers, individuals with disabilities, individuals with injuries, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and neurological issues. In many cases, we have supplemented each trainee's program to incorporate a range of techniques, including body conditioning, breathing exercises, visualization of movement techniques, and more. When necessary, we collaborate with a network of top experts, doctors, and physiotherapists to ensure a quicker and more effective recovery.

As an Educational Centre for Life-Long Education, Bodytone has always organized various seminars on dance and body awareness techniques such as musical, contemporary dance, barre à terre, Qi Qong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Alexander, Feldenkreis, Fascial Fitness, Fasciatherapy. These seminars are led by expert teachers such as Anna Athanasiades (DanceOnStage), Dimitris Tsolakides (Flow Taiji Centre), Giorgos Matsakaris (Ballet School of the Greek National Opera), and many others.

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