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Bodytone Seminars


Bodytone offers a series of seminars that concentrate on the study of the human body and its movement. These seminars provide participants with valuable knowledge and practical techniques for enhancing their physical abilities and overall well-being.


Three thematic cycles:

  • Consciousness, deepening and "philosophy" of movement,

  • Introduction and reinforcement of techniques

  • Therapeutic Exercise


Indicatively, find here some of the seminars that have been completed and rescheduled:




This seminar organized by Bodytone is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions that focuses on the body and movement. Theoretical sessions discuss the modern discoveries in neuroscience, genetics, and biology that help us understand the roots of non-verbal communication, the fascia, and the network of fascia as an autonomous system of sensory and consciousness.

In the practical part, the seminar includes breathing exercises, experiential anatomy, and movement. It also includes selected fascia activation exercises by Divo Muller's Fascial Fitness technique and Phillip Beach Archetypal Movement. These practical sessions aim to improve posture, movement, and technique, ultimately completing our image of our body and ourselves.

This seminar is aimed at people who want to deepen their relationship with their body and themselves. It is especially recommended for movement professionals, dancers, gymnasts, teachers, practitioners of pilates, yoga, and martial arts, performers, and actors.


Seminars that have already taken place:


  • Technique Alexander,  by Gorgos Matskaris

  • Μusical, by Anna athanasiadi

  • Biomatic Anatomy , T. Kavour

  • The use of Ball in Pilates, by Eleftheria Rizou

  • The Release Technique in Modern Dance, by Ioanna Kouna

  • Butoh, by Marianna Tsagaraki

  • Cervical syndrome

  • Respiratory patterns

  • Sedentary Life

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